photo by Elisa Gonzales

The project takes shape in Madrid in 2019 through the compositions of Ersilia Prosperi, it makes use of musicians from various countries of the old incontinent – that doesn’t remember, doesn’t understand – as Flor Guerin, a Parisian poet, Spanish by election, lend her pen for the texts of the project.

Hyperintergalactics brings together musicians of different geographical and musical origins in a new project whose dialogue, starting from the compositions, remains open to an improvised reading, granddaughter of jazz and Rock in Opposition.

Hyperintergalactics intend to recount a living and surviving humanity and borrow the intergalactic term of the Zapatista indigenous communiques, a model of a communicative intent aimed at uniting the different worlds and ways of feeling through compositions – transversal, omnivorous and polyglot.

photo by Elisa Gonzales

ERSILIA PROSPERI – compositions, trumpet, flugelhorn, conch horn

CHEFA ALONSO – soprano sax, conch horn

MARIA PRADO VEGA – cello, conch horn

JORGE FRIAS DE LA UZ – double-bass, conch horn

GUILLE GONZALES SANZ – bass clarinet, soprano clarinet, conch horn

RAQUEL SANCHEZ – choreography